Replying To Jobs

How to reply to job adverts

Read the adverts carefully. Some explain the job and duties briefly, the academic/experience requirements, training and how to apply. Others are less helpful and give virtually no useful information. Don't be put off by the style of the advert; it is still worth contacting them for further details.

If you don't quite meet the requirements of any job you see but feel you could do it, apply anyway. You might be considered and get the chance to prove yourself in an interview.

Many jobs ask for further details and there is additional help for completing an application form or a CV on this site.

Some adverts ask you to telephone for details. If so, it is important to be prepared. Have ready:

- a copy of the advert and any reference numbers on the advert

- a pen and note pad to take down any details, such as the name and address of the employer

- if the advert includes a name, ask for this person. When you get through greet the person by name, introduce yourself and explain why you are calling

- if you don't have a named contact, introduce yourself to the person who answers and explain why you are telephoning

- be polite and speak clearly. Find out what is required from you to apply for the job

- be prepared to answer any questions - this may be part of the interview process

- have answers ready in case. The section on interviews will help you to prepare answers for the types of questions that may be asked

- check names and addresses carefully in case you have to send in a written letter of application or a CV and covering letter

- if you are asked to go for an interview, make sure you get all the details; when, where and with whom

- say thank you at the end of the call.

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