Being told that your job no longer exists can feel like the end of the world, but don't take it personally - even the most talented people can and do get the chop.

Redundancy applies when:

- The work you do is no longer needed by your organisation

- The employer's business, or part of the business, has stopped operating

- The employer's business has moved to a different place

- The business's need for a particular type of work has ceased or diminished

If you're made redundant, your employer has to:

- Give you as much warning as possible.

- Consult unions to agree on the redundancy.

- Use objective criteria to decide who will be made redundant.

- Consider you for alternative work in the company if there's some available.

- To qualify for a statutory redundancy payment you need to have worked for the firm for at least two calendar years continuously since the age of 18, although many firms pay employees who have worked for less time.

- If you find another job while you're still in your redundancy period, you can leave and still be entitled to your redundancy payment.

Your local JobCentre will be able to advise on benefits.

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