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Recruiter: 1st Place
Job Title: Nursery Manager
Job Category: Nursery Manager Jobs
Job Location: London - Greater London
Employment Type:
Full Time
Minimum Salary: £30000 yearly
Experience (year): Unspecified
Post Date: 07/09/2017

Job Description:
To develop and promote the 1st Place Approach to Early Education in all areas of 1st Place work following the Reggio Emilio approach.

To take responsibility for the line management of Senior Early Educators and to have overall responsibility for other Early Years staff to ensure the highest possible achievement for the children

To take prime responsibility for ensuring that all 1st Place children achieve the best possible outcomes in the areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum
To take responsibility for the organising of recruitment, training and ongoing development for all Early Education staff, trainees and volunteers within the Early Education department of 1st Place Children and Parentís Centre


The person specification describes the characteristics (skills, knowledge, experience and qualifications) that are needed to carry out the duties in the job description, and will be used as the basis for short-listing and interview.

Essential Desirable

Level 3 early years and childcare qualification
Relevant degree level qualification

Early Years Professional Status


At least 3 yearsí experience of working as a Manager or as part of a management team within an Early Education setting with children in the 0-5 age range and their families.
Experience of leading a staff team,
Experience of leading on the recruitment, induction, work allocation and assessment of training needs of staff.

Experience of developing inclusive practice

Experience in holding effective supervisions with staff

Experience of working with parents and carers from a range of cultural backgrounds

Experience of working with trainees and/or volunteers, facilitating their on-going personal and professional development

Ability to model, support and disseminate effective practice


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