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Recruiter: Tinies UK Ltd
Job Title: Nursery nurse - Tinies Childcare HN/18504/2
Job Category: Nursery Nurse Jobs
Job Location: Anglia
Employment Type:
Minimum Salary: Unspecified
Experience (year): Unspecified
Post Date: 13/06/2018
Job Reference: Tinies Childcare HN/18504/2

Job Description:
; Any other benefits: Training if unqualified, cash insentive, good bonus, fun day trips; Ages of children: Baby Room; This nursery in St Albans are looking to employ either an unqualified Level 2 or Level 3 Nursery Nurse to work in their expanding Nursery. The nursery are looking for someone for the Baby room. The successful applicant will need to have the following attributes: Experience of working in a nursery setting Have had responsibility for key children Excellent working knowledge of the EYFS and of observations, evaluations and using these for individual planning. Good understanding of OFSTED requirements The successful candidate will be able to plan, set up, organise and fully manage daily nursery activities, including meals and snacks, sleeps and rest, structured and free indoor and outside play, to meet the needs of the children and the overall daily plan for the nurseries effective operation. Competitive salary being offered.;

Contact Instructions: Contact: Claire Adams; Fountain Court 2 Victoria Square; Tel: 01727 844 040;

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