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Recruiter: Tinies UK Ltd
Job Title: Creche manager - Tinies Childcare BHM/19140/2
Job Category: Nursery Manager Jobs
Job Location: West Midlands
Employment Type:
Minimum Salary: Unspecified
Experience (year): Unspecified
Post Date: 13/06/2018
Job Reference: Tinies Childcare BHM/19140/2

Job Description:
Employee with own children acceptable; Ages of children: 0-4; Number of children: 6; Creche worker job for 9 hours per week within an excellent local Children's Centre. Hours to be Monday 9.30pm until 12.30pm; Tuesday 12.00 lunchtime until 2.30pm and Friday 9.30 am until 12.00 lunchtime. Additional 2 hours on a Wednesday also available within a second setting. Would suit qualified, Pediatric First Aid trained and DBS child carer maybe with children at school. Planning and delivering a fun and engaging, safe and secure session for children while their parents attend adult learning.;

Contact Instructions: Contact: Jayne Dainty; Suite 1-2 First Floor, Centre House, Court Parade, Aldridge; Tel: 01922 682 232;

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